Më mbaj mend (për 1 muaj)

Tema: Poezi Për Shoqërinë


I'm in the neighborhood the goodness one
Glimmers in harmony behavior life
We have understood very early
Helping hand should reach out.

Over the shrine a poor family revives
They never ask are proudly equipped
Act of assistance generously accept
We say .. they must not be hungry.

Daily the path leads me downtown
Frost cold lying children begging
Rain pretty harsh northern winds slaughter
They feel in skin are creatures of darkness.

Smiling we pass by recreation expects us
Perfumed the ship sails us
The tiny boy lying near
We are inclined to dance in the folk king.

The hungry feels weakness eyes betray
Travels over the million stars towards the full table
Frozen morning the ambulance comes early
Old Stone Bridge confesses creature innocence.

- Poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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