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Awaited Time Came

.. awaited time came,
listen, the bells are,


Day of judgement is ,
it is end of the life,
mercy has set down,
time left isn’t enough,
repentance to require!
mankind cries for mercy !

The underground fire,
scratches the sky,
reddish are,
they come out,
devils, demons are multiplied,
Attacking as cannibals.
requiring blood,
chapels are burned,
children have been violated,
women are locked,
naked men,
screams are heard ..

Cup of heaven,
It informs about the events.
Shows us , what’s going on ?
The end is,
account of life has been giving ..

I see,
You eyes are teased ,
hear, the beating chest,
afraid, of the daylight ,
in the shade of the lagoon,
you are seated at the garbage dump
it all stinks,

Known are your behaves ,
fresh remembered,
you came half dressed,
very modest,
at the right time, you jumped,
in dirty waters,
entered into the world of evil,
very soon you shone,
up head, weaving, kicking,
undervalued the needers ,
changed the beds,

You, cursed bitch ... ...
He, dirty jealous man,
poisoned the surroundings,
scared the destitute ,
suffers pain, knocks hardly, ,
have forgotten successors ,
account of life is opened!

Hear the commands,
Life account must be given,
burn, you will be, burned
night-day . soul polluted ,
the skin, awful smells ,
you are back to fire,
there is no rescue !

Late is for mercy, too late!
The left side of the sphere,
makes no difference ,
globe is not surprised .

- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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