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Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Tema: Prozë Për Shkollën


please, do not judge me!
I AM right this MAN,

'' with constraint and money it doesn’t work, neither ... ''

The spiritless home is like an emotionally fallen object. Afflicts for love, sincerity, beautiful words that love awakens.
Here I Live, or better say just breathe.
I'm slightly overlooked by education, I have forgotten the cleaner's broom, I have reached the heights of eternity!
In the royal room, hundreds of books never read. Enriching the veranda I spend thousands of Euros, the appearance of the lagoon breaks the day, it is a landscape that inspires, cares for love, feeds the artists.
I have no idea, creative I am not, I do not hear whispers, get away from suicide, but you can !!

I invited at the event party the GOLDEN PEN, the wanderer, the arrogant, The BOHEMIAN ...
At the moment of the zenith, at midnight, we’ve greeted and welcomed. Modest, unshaved, how remarkable he was so happy in life.

We climbed the royal stairs to my work room. Dilemma- the fear-respect captures me, how will the sincere man react!!
He browsed several pages of poetry, glitters on his face, apocalypse happened, titanic collapsed again, Da Vinci's life's ended again !!!

With thin voice said
return to your profit, the TRIBE of the PARTY, I hope you are the original !!! Even if you are tendered with a little makeup, you still are rich !!
The damage becomes too great if you continue to violate the letters, mislead the verses, try to deceive poems,
you will be humiliated, ridiculed, worthless ... you will never taste eternity, BUT anathema will be waiting for you!

Down of the granite stairs, lying on the resting place, was almost naked, the hazy eyes glittered. She offered her hand, it was soft, oily skin, the lips poured out the unmistakable humidity of rampant lust.

The poet, caught in the trap, did not surrender to the magic of the creature, this supernatural beauty that enslaves, supports the surrender.

I do guess, the emotions of Loyalty to the Queen at Home even more boasted Bohemian.

every enriched letter, duplicated, elaborated text is SHAME ...you do understand my friend!
Evening, the city as an inexhaustible source of defile
Walking through the streets of the city, I saw a woman, dressed in almost a kilogram of gold, BUT half naked, body lines poured in excess kilograms, ...
defeated by half-naked creatures, with Chinese perfumed products, silence laments to find the blessed place, the verses that are donating ...

... life this is short,
conditions the purpose,
feathers, pen lovers,
poor at having enough time we are ...

- Prozë nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

- U dërgua nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu -

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