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Robert Natello

Verses Knight…
dedicated to Robert Natello

As apocalypse scene shattered the poets world
softly harsh in language,
brilliant mind that even poems get drunk
entered impetuous, heart generosity,
into arena of literature, gladiators welcomed him.

War cry was sent by Homeland
still a boy, lover of the beautiful letter,
honor, generosity which collapsed even heaven served on the fairest unit
Corpsman medicine illuminated wounded.

Lover of beauty, INAMORATA of all times
follows the path, invites, come with me
echo is resounding the space.

There is a road of gold out there.
You just have to know where clause.
It covers Across the rolling hills,
lined with flowers everywhere.

Is hidden between arrays Noble generosity
the miracle of the poet invites the unknown
come along my friends.

Passionate, goes beyond the world of pleasure
Gentleman like finds its place in the oasis,
there in lies the everlasting testament
time will never forget The Poet…

Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Congratulations Dear Poet Robert Robert — with Tyran Prizren Spahiu, Novel- Never back again.

PREFACE written by Tyran Prizren SPAHIU
Coffeeshop Blues, Twenty Poets Around the World

PARATHËNIE shkruar nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu
Coffeeshop Blues, Njëzet Poetë në Mbarë Botën -

Observation of the Poetry Anthology ‘Twenty Poets Around The Globe’ by Robert NATELLO.
Trends and internal satisfaction Robert has, moral high quality, purity and perfection of poetry, the totality of human acquired properties due to family and social education, education of the traditional sense; constant thirst on beauty, permanent sacrifice for sure today is appreciated, respected, praised in every society, it is these virtues which give even broader dimension of The Anthology.
Certainly it is a serious job and large selection of poets around the globe. The value that contains this Monuments of poets de necessarily will be extended to the four corners of the world. Poets golden feathers dignifiently approach the most sublime descriptions, among others, peace in the world.
The atmosphere created by the Conductor of The Anthology, definitely The Castle converted into a World beauty alike the never forgotten Taj Mahal or Pyramids Pillar poetry have found place in this anthology. Herein lies the tremendous weight values set on the pedestal of world poets.
Women poets culminates sense, reaches heights of beauty unimaginative love and beauty, the heat, migrates to being poets, where ecstasy whispers to the soul, like a poem songs.
Antology will leave traces in the world literature, apparent the culture of poets, conductor and readers will be merged in The Anthology.
The poems are written with much elegance and taste, as from classical up to modernity.
The fact is that The Anthology is proof of the time and more recent achievements in the royal and unique field.
Broad opus, the driving force of beauty, further distinguishing this miracle by poets with their poems will survive time, storms, beauty, love, lust...
The poems convey the magic, crown ecstasy, continuing to eternity and enrichment world literature.
In the end I must say that the perception ability, sincerity... are as dramatic as the hope, the dream, that this anthology will lead to immortality.

- Poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

- U dërgua nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu -

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