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Usher - If I Want To  Lyrics

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Everytime I look up
I see it in your face
U wanna hook up wit me
(U know U wanna hook up-stop playin)
Instead of acting like U supposed to
U cop an attitude like you're too good for me
(We know that ain't right)
And U know good and damn well that...

If I wanted I could take U from ya man
With my eyes closed
I could have U eatin out the palm of my hand
And all your little girlfriends too
(No yU can't get with me I don't want U)
Yes I can and I will if I-If I want to
If I-If I want to baby

(Verse 2)
Ain't nobody trying clown you
But U too damn old to play high school games with me
(You know that man too damn old)
Yes U do, Cause even when I'm not around U
I be hearin from my friends U be askin bout me
(What's up with him? That's what U be sayin)

I don't really care
How long U been together with your man-
It's just a matter of time
Before I make U mine
I wanna make it clear
So there's no misunderstanding-
That I get, what I want, when I want
(Is that a fact)

(Chorus 2x)
(Look out, yeah, oh U.S.)

That I get, what I want, when I want

(U know how it go gurl)
(If I wanted to-I could have U doin' whatever I want U too)
(You know but right now I'm just not really doin' that)
(But if i wanted to...anything I'm sayin
(you and your girls, I could have them too)
(It's crazy, listen)

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