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Unikkatil - Get Us (English)  (Feat. Milot)  Lyrics

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U think they give a fuck about what u done
They just wanna back it coz who u r n where u from
judicial system that's who u trust is?
I only feel justice when I bust this
Watch the bitch you fucking in your bed
She could be a fed
Digin your grave I'll give in your head
But shqipez know
We play dumb and keep it on the law
Ilusive snakes only figure shit what they grow
Forget the other crooks who look like retards
Actully animated walk around with bodyguards
Us we on the rise n lovin it
Only ones wat ever dit threatening the government
Like yo we licked they get sick
U can holla if u doubt it
Proven shit we all about it
We tryin of doing right but they just wont let us
They ain't lookin for justice
They just start to get us

Eyo they're holdin me down they got me strugelin'
If this rap shit don't work
I'll ovathrow the government
Why you hatin on me coz of my name
I spent more time into the bookins than the next man
They get me vexet but I aint stresin
I got the right to keep my weapon for protection
Put a whole in yr ass with a 38 smith n wesin
Who u testin get the step in
U catch a reckin up in my section
I'm a hench man into those who oppose my blessins
I came from the bottom n they taught me lessons
I rose to the top now they all got questions
With who the fuck I'm dealin with
And who my connections
But they aint gettin shit they can keep on guessin
I anin't about to snitch I got nothink to mention
Just let me see the judge so she can gimme my sentence

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